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How We Work

Six Sigma & Lean Merits has helped clients to realise financial gains by combining the rigor of Six Sigma with the speed of Lean, Kaizen and WorkOut improvement methods. Our philosophy is to educate and engage employees in process improvement and to create self-sufficient clients. We offer tailor-made deployment plans, based on the client’s business strategy, specific objectives and business culture, rather than generic, off-the-shelf propositions.

Project selection is a fundamental element of any of our Lean Six Sigma deployment plans: the billions of dollars saved through Lean Six Sigma by companies such as General Electric and Bank of America are the combined result of many well-scoped improvement projects.

Knowledge transfer is achieved through our Training Programmes and project coaching capabilities. We believe there is no substitute for ‘on the job’ learning, which is why the majority of our Training Programmes are project-based. In these Programmes, participants join in small teams with a selected improvement project or business challenge. During the training, theory is immediately applied and translated to the selected project or challenge. This means that improvements are implemented in real-time whilst simultaneously developing staff members with new skills.

Please click on the following hyperlinks in case you wish to receive additional background information on the Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen and WorkOut improvement methods.